Ranking the Southeast's Finest Boys & Girls

Ranking Coverage Areas:
Region 1 - Arkansas/Louisiana
Region 2 - Alabama/Mississippi
Region 3 - Kentucky/Tennessee
Region 4 - Georgia/Florida
Region 5 - North Carolina/South Carolina

All-TTE - Regions 1-5 Combined

Middle School –  High School – Prep – JUCO

Young basketball players deserve the best exposure for their shot at earning solid rankings. and college scholarship. Tip-Top Exposure can offer you over 30 years of experience devoted to evaluating prospects for all levels of college basketball. Don’t miss your opportunity to be evaluated and ranked by some of the best and most respected eyes in the recruiting business.

We are specialists in the Southeastern Region basketball rankings. TTE provides some of the best exposure for the finest young male and female basketball players. We understand that college placements are an important step, and Tip-Top’s GOAL is helping prospects get to that NEXT level on their journey. We have considerable experience in evaluating potential college prospects and we provide an ideal platform to provide player exposure to college coaches and talent scouts.

TTE provides rankings and information to the public, and college scouts about top players from states across the Southeast Region of the United States. You can rely on our tried and tested expertise in:

  • Boys Basketball Rankings
  • Girls Basketball Rankings
  • From grades 5 to 12
  • Conducting basketball exposure showcases for players
  • Generating player profiles for all campers and ranked players

TTE offers an upscaled regional ranking platform, so your rising star can be confident they will receive the best possible ranking that all their dedication and hard work can achieve. Ranking coverage includes:

  • Elementary/Middle school
  • High school
  • Prep
  • JUCO

TTE participants are given valuable exposure and we work with them to develop a competitive Player Profile. Our well-respected evaluation showcases have players evaluated and ranked with, and against, the best right across the Southeast, to calculate their true Southeast region ranking.

Throughout the year, our prospects are provided with the opportunity to develop themselves into the best players they can be. They are encouraged to attend TTE basketball events and tournaments that are guaranteed to earn them further exposure and contribute towards their ranking. We can offer your young star – “Elite” competition against “Elite” prospects.

Training Camps, Experience and Further Knowledge

Valuable experience for our next generation of players is also gained by attending TTE training camps. Summer camps give dedicated young athletes valuable opportunities to work on their game in the offseason. They will experience plenty of challenges with top-level drills and coaching that is guaranteed to improve their skills and their confidence. TTE camps offer your young star the chance to enhance their game and reach their highest potential.

TTE basketball camps are structured to encourage attendance by college coaches and talent scouts and are designed to lead to college recruitment for promising new players. Serious athletes can greatly improve their chances of getting noticed by basketball recruiters by participating in:

  • Basketball training camps
  • Basketball exposure showcases

Showcase basketball camps and AAU tournaments enable the evaluation of players for basketball recruiting. Exposure showcases give coaches and scouts the opportunity to see your talent in action.





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